Tools & Applications

Pilot AI4B System

Application Programming Interface (API) for managing symbiotic data

Repository for biomass related open data

Platform for accessing Biomass Linked Open Data


Biomass includes any material derived from living organisms. More specifically, biomass for energy purposes includes any kind of material that can be used for the production of solid, liquid, and/or gas fuels.

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Our Vision

To develop IΤ infrastructures in order to support symbiotic networks of biomass feedstock producers and collectors leading to added value and reduced costs of biomass business cycle.

To leverage societal interaction and participation, by employing Linked Open Data (LOD) as a driving force to provide transparent and accountable processes for environmental monitoring in all stages of biomass supply chains.

Symbiotic Networks

Symbiotic Νetworks are an innovative environmental practice that brings together companies from all business sectors with the aim of improving cross industry resource efficiency through material trading and sharing assets.

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The Region of Thessaly

Thessally occupies a total extent of 14.037 (10,6 % of total extent of country). Available in the area are residues from forestry, wood processing industries, cereals straw, pruning from trees, residues from the nut cracking industry and olive kernel factories.

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