Industrial Symbiosis & Symbiotic Networks

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Industrial Symbiosis, a part of industrial ecology, is an innovative approach that aims in creating industrial networks set to process waste and to trade materials, energy and water to gain economic, environmental and social benefits. Economic benefits are generated mainly by reduced costs of waste or by-products, by using alternative energy sources and by environmental savings. Environmental benefits are inherent in Industrial Symbiosisas landfill diversion but also as reduction in emission and by water savings. Operating within confined geographic and administrative boundaries, Industrial Symbiosisalso generates tangible social benefits to local communities, including job generation and retention, as well as new investments.
Symbiotic networks are an innovative approach and environmental practice that brings together companies from all business sectors with the aim of improving cross industry resource efficiency through material trading and sharing assets. Planning and regional development infrastructures and matchmaking and retrieval services are key means in our proposal to set up cost-effective biomass supply chains.