Biomass in Thessaly


Thessally is the natural backdrop to exploit biomass, occupying a total extent of 14.037 (10,6 % of total extent of country). Available in the area are residues from forestry, wood processing industries (that process 243,447 m3 of wood), cereals straw, pruning from trees, residues from the nut cracking industry (8 factories) and olive kernel factories in Thessaly. Currently, only 44 MW of biomass energy stations are installed in Greece and only 5% are located in Thessaly.

According to the University of Thessaly (2008), the potential of biomass at the Region of Thessaly is: [a] Crop/farming residue (22.582.692 GJ), [b] Animal waste (2.245.353 GJ), [c] Forrestry residues (1.324.664 GJ) ??? [d] Industry residues (1.183.500 GJ). Also a recent research by CRES shows the immense amount of agricultural residues in the region. Even in the small perfecture of Karditsa, there are 250.000tn of usable agricultural biomass that equals 100.000 toe, or 4.2 PJ (8% of total 53 PJ).